Why This Journey

All of us have read about Charles Darwin, better known as the Father of Evolution. A remarkably gifted naturalist and a true explorer, Darwin was not only responsible for the Theory of Evolution, but also the foundation that our modern biological sciences are based on. Would you want to retrace his steps and step foot on the mythical Galapagos Islands, where he first came up with the idea of Natural Selection? The islands are home to some of the most extraordinary species on the planet, found nowhere else.

Tourists typically visit the islands on cruises that showcase the highlights but rarely give you the opportunity to experience how life truly flourishes here. However, this active journey allows to you live and breathe with the myriad endemic species over a week long tryst with the Galapagos Islands. If you are a genuine wildlife enthusiast, then this is perhaps the best way to experience it's raw natural beauty and explore it's many secrets without sacrificing any of your regular creature comforts.