Casa Ilayaku

Located near the famous Ilalo volcano this picture perfect Andean countryside house is perfect to start your memorable vacation. It has spacious rooms, garden and some fantastic views of the Ilalo volcano. Brid lovers can spot Black chested buzzard Eagle, Black head vulture, American Kestrel and the amazing Western Emerald on the grounds of the property. 

Ikala Galapagos Hotel

From the paradisiacal natural environment of the enchanted Santa Cruz Islands, surrounded by lush trees and gardens, the Ikala Galapagos Hotel is a jewel in the center of the city of Puerto Ayora. The details in their design, modern facilities and a sustainable approach will give you the perfect refuge to rest, always accompanied by Darwin’s Finches, who consider the hotel their home. Enjoy a cocktail by the pool, a romantic dinner, work overlooking the ocean, or take a nap in their comfortable hammock in the garden. 

Manglecito Beach Camp

After an adventurous day spotting some of the rarest flora and fauna you will get a chance to sleep under the blanket of millions of stars at Manglecito beach. Listen to the waves crashing on the shore from the comfort of your twin sharing camps. The camps will have shared toilets.

Blue Marlin Hotel

Blue Marlin Hotel is located at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno center, few minutes from the airport. It has spacious rooms and an outdoor swimming pool where you can sit and relax.