General information

  • Time Zone

    GMT+ 2 hours (The Barneo Ice Camp operates on Longyearbyen time)

  • Climate

    Average summer temperatures on the Barneo Ice Camp range from −25°C to −35 °C. However, strong breezes, low pressure and the combination of wet sea air and cold polar air can lead to rapidly changing weather conditions, especially given the precarious location of the camp at roughly 89 Degree North.

  • Languages Spoken

    Norwegian and Russian are the official languages in these regions. However, English will be used for all communication during the expedition to the North Pole.

  • Electricity Plug Details

    220 v, Plug Type: C (This holds true for Longyearbyen- the starting point of the journey. Beyond that, participants will have to rely on extra batteries and portable chargers)

  • Food

    Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided in Barneo Ice Camp. Given the extremely remote location of the camp and accompanying logistical challenges, choice/variety is quite limited. 

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Polar weather is very variable; temperatures may hover around the freezing mark and winds can be strong. You may encounter snow squalls, fog and white-outs during an expedition and should be ready for any conditions. While we provide the camping equipment (tent, sleeping bags, mats in addition to Ski equipment for participants on Ski expeditions) for the entire duration of the expedition, everyone endures cold differently. Therefore, if you have some items in your wardrobe, which are tested in a cold environment and suit you, you are welcome to bring them.

    Here is the list of recommended items:


    • Windstopper pile hat
    • Neck warmer or Balaclava
    • Expedition parka
    • Thin Synthetic Underwear
    • Expedition thermal underwear made of Polartec Power Stretch
    • Polartec 200 jacket and trousers
    • Expedition Mittens
    • Fleece Mittens
    • WindPro Gloves
    • Thick Expedition Socks
    • Expedition Footwear
    • Gore-Tex socks or booties for using in the tent
    • Neoprene face mask


    • Plastic Mug with press-on cap
    • Strong plastic spoon and bowl of 2-3 cups capacity
    • Stainless Steel Thermos
    • Expedition Knife
    • Carabiners- 2 standard
    • Sunglasses or goggles 100% UV & IR protection
    • Sun cream: SPF 40 large tube
    • Hygienic lipstick: SPF 40, at least 2 pieces
    • Personal hygiene kit, including toilet paper, toothbrush, etc.
    • Wide-mouthed plastic bottle for using as a urinal in the night
    • Individual sleeping bag liner
    • Large bag or rucksack for your gear
    • Clothes kit may be purchased for additional 1,500 Euro if booked in advance
    • Chemical hand- and foot-warmer bags
    • Compression stuff bags
    • Photo and Video equipment

  • How To Get There

    All expeditions start and end in Longyearbyen. Please book your flights accordingly.  

  • Medication & First Aid

    Please get your personal medical kit: medicine you normally take for headaches, seasickness, diarrhea, constipation, along with aspirin, plaster, bandage, rehydration powders etc.

  • Internet

    Satellite phones will be used by the guides for communication. No Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Group Size

    Depends on what expedition you are opting for. Ski the Last Degree expeditions usually have lesser number of participants compared to the Fly to the North Pole program.

  • Money to Carry

    The official currency is Norwegian Krone. However, we recommend carrying some cash in US Dollar or Euros as well. We suggest not relying on the cards as cash is only accepted. Make sure to change the currency before arriving for your expedition.