This trip mesmerizes both in the day time and the night time.  Not many parts of the world can boast zero light pollution but that is most certainly a fitting claim here.  And it is for that reason as well as its location that makes this one of the best places in the world to view the northern lights as and when they are visible.  Learn all about the how and why of this most incredible display of lights dancing in the night sky. Spend your days exploring the wilderness of the largest ice sheet in the Northern Hemisphere.  Experience walking on ice, exploring glaciers, cruising in lakes and learning about how the small population of Greenland has learned and adapted to farm this land over the centuries to sustain themselves amidst such geographical isolation and extreme weather.


  • Kayak around glaciers, observe massive icebergs up close and admire the beauty of Greenland's Polar Ice Cap
  • Witness the Northern Lights from one of the world's most remote vantage points
  • Visit historic Greenlandic settlements and Viking ruins
  • Observe local fauna such as caribou, foxes, arctic hares or seals and whales when the journey takes us to the sea
  • Hike immense glaciers and the mesmerizing landscapes of the High Arctic