Blue Lagoon

Located 30 minutes away from the airport, Hotel Blue Lagoon in the village of Paratunka is considered to be one of the best commercial establishments in Kamchatka by locals and tourists alike. Nestled in a quiet forest by a small mountain lake, this hotel has natural thermal pools within the property. Relax and unwind while being surrounded by an ominous ring of volcanoes, with stunning views, the likes of which very few establishments can boast of.  

Hotel Petropavlovsk

One of few decent commercial accommodations in the remote gateway city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, this hotel is decorated in classical Russian upholstery. All rooms have ensuite washrooms and shower facilities and the cafe serves Russian and European cuisine.   

Hotel Geolog

One of the only 3 commercial establishments in the remote village of Milkovo in northern Kamchatka, this hotel may not offer world class tourist facilities, but it more than makes up for it with it's hospitality and cozy interiors. Set amidst raw natural beauty, with teeming wildlife and numerous volcanoes dotting the skyline, this will be a stay to remember.

Wood Cabins with traditional Banya

Rustic, rural wooden cabins located deep in the heart if Kamchatka by the shores of Dvukhyrtochnoye Lake. Each cabin can accommodate 2-4 people and provides simple comfort, offering much needed protection from the elements and scores of brown bears who come here for their annual salmon run in preparation for the winter hibernation. The cabins have common outdoor toilets and a traditional Russian Banya, a rustic steam bath with a wood stove. Rest assured, this will be an experience like no other,