This trip brings you both the iconic islands and the infrequently seen islands all in one.  From your port of origin in Ushuaia, you will travel east to explore the much less frequently explored South Georgia Islands.  These islands boast both historical fame by virtue of the great explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and wildlife fame for their colonies of standing King Penguins, fur seals and elephant seals.  The rawness of this place means that you can only access it by ship and no one lives on this island year round.  It really is an untouched piece of our planet.  After your exploration of the South Georgia Islands you will then travel towards the Antarctic Peninsula for further mind blowing exploration.  Marvel at immense glaciers, icebergs and soaring mountains for the next few days as you explore either on foot, by zodiac or optionally on a Sea Kayak this incredibly remote, rarely visited wonder of the World that is the 7th Continent. It is worth noting that the below itinerary is entirely the intention of the trip, however when visiting areas so remote and so wild, you must hold onto the expectation that the weather and nature can alter the plans even at the last minute. The expert and experienced ship and crew will offer the best options available to you at that moment to allow you to find the whales where they are breaching or the seals where they are hauling or the penguins where they are swimming.


  • Witness South Georgia's incredible wildlife including 30 breeding bird species and four penguin species
  • Follow in the wake of Sir Ernest Shackleton's perilous voyages to South Georgia 
  • Explore the Antarctic Peninsula by ship, zodiac and foot
  • Learn about Antarctica's unique geology, history and wildlife with our onboard polar experts
  • Immerse yourself in the icy realm of the Antarctic with our optional paddling excursions