Experience the incredible vastness, beauty, majesty, magic and “other worldliness” of the 7th Continent without having to experience the might crash of the waves during the Drake Passage; Instead, take a flight from Punta Arenas and fly right on over those waves and land on King George Island ready to begin your adventure aboard your Antarctica Voyage vessel.  As you can imagine, tours in Antarctica are completely at the mercy of mother nature and her weather whims so the below schedule is intended as a guidance for you.  Activities, weather permitting will happen on the trip but the order and timing that they happen may be subject to change.  With icebergs as high as a New York City Skyscraper, wildlife as wonderful as whales, seals, penguins and albatross’ and water as clear and cold (probably colder!) than you can imagine, a voyage in Antarctica is everything you dream of and so so much more.  Antarctica has been inspiring and calling explorers for centuries, since its first sighting in the early 19th century and on this trip you get a great idea and taste of exactly why this is so.  The White Continent does not disappoint.


  • Fly over the Drake Passage and experience the fastest, most direct way to Antarctica
  • Spot iconic Antarctic wildlife such as penguins, seals and whales
  • Marvel at many of the Antarctic Peninsula highlights
  • Enjoy onboard presentations from Polar specialists
  • Zodiac cruising to get up close to icebergs, wildlife and more