Brazil is one of the world’s most exciting, varied, diverse and vast countries.  60% of the Earths “Lungs” - the Amazon, are located in Brazil as well as the world's largest tropical wetland, the Pantanal and the world’s largest Waterfall.  We will visit two of those three iconic places on this quintessential tour of Brazil.  Your ample time in the Pantanal will really give you an incredible experience of what life is like for the 1000’s of different fauna that call this place home.  Rio de Janeiro is just one of the most vibrant cities on Earth and combining the wilderness of The Pantanal with the vibrancy of Rio is the perfect way to understand the incredible breadth of diversity that Brazil has to offer. Following this compare and contrast you then top it all off with an experience for all 5 senses.  Imagine the immensity of power that exists at the World’s largest Waterfall? Imagine how it will sound, how it will look, how its spray will reach you from so far away.  This almost immersive experience is the perfect end to this truly exploratory and sensory fulfilling trip.


  • Explore the world's largest tropical wetland- The Pantanal
  • Observe biome conservation & ecotourism at work, with an emphasis on Jaguars   
  • Experience the magic & charm of Rio De Janeiro, one of the world's most vibrant cities
  • Feel the power and the roar of the world's largest waterfall- Iguazu Falls