General information

  • Time Zone

    GMT-3 hours

  • Climate

    Patagonia’s weather is quite unpredictable. You can easily experience all four seasons in a single day and it is not an exaggeration!

    During Spring (late September – November) the temperatures can vary between 14oC to 18oC during the day. It can either be chilly or warm during the day with mercury going down to 3oC to 7oC during the night. Strong possibility of rain and wind is also predicted during this time of the year.

    Summer (December to March) temperature can vary between 17oC to 20oC during the day. Temperature can fall drastically during the night and vary between 6oC to 8oC. Expect warm days and cool nights with strong winds and possibility of rains during summers.

    Autumn (late March to May) has cool days and cold night with strong possibilities of rain later in the season. Maximum temperature during these months can vary between 5oC to 13oC with minimum temperatures ranging between -3oC to 3oC.

    During winters (June- early September) snow, ice and rain are likely with maximum temperature ranging between 5oC to 8oC and minimum temperature varying between -3oC to 0oC. Possibility of snowstorms is there with visibility being very low.

  • Languages Spoken

    Spanish is widely spoken and understood. However, English is also spoken and understood with variable fluency. 

  • Electricity Plug Details

    220V, Plug Type : I , C & L

  • Food

    At EcoCamp all three meals which include breakfast, lunch box on excursions and dinner will be provided. At Destino Sur Hotel and Kosten AIke Hotel, breakfast and box lunch will be provided. The meals will have assortment of vegetarian and non-vegetation spread. 

    If you are allergic to any particular food items, kindly let us know at the time of booking.

  • Clothing & Equipment

    Travelers need to be prepared for summer and winter all at once. Recommended equipment includes:

    • One-day backpack for trekking (10 liters - to carry a camera, glasses, rain-coat, etc.)
    • Trekking boots
    • Extra shoes/sandals for evenings 
    • Waterproof jacket
    • Pairs of woolen socks
    • Fleece and Down jackets
    • Shorts or comfortable loose pants
    • Sun protection (glasses, hat, lip balm, and screen)
    • Gloves
    • Winter cap
    • Water bottle
    • Warm innerwear for upper and lower body

  • How To Get There

    The trip starts and ends with pick-ups and drop-offs at Punta Arenas airport. You need to book flights accordingly.

  • Medication & First Aid

    It will help for you to carry some easy to access medicines on the trip, for headaches, diarrhea, constipation, and some re-hydration. powders like Electral etc. apart from any personal medication.

  • Internet

    Eco Camp Patagonia doesn’t offer Wi-Fi and guests can find new ways to simply feel alive and experience transformational travel - which is not something easy to do in a hyperconnected world. Destino Sur and Kosten AIke Hotels offer Wi-Fi with limited connectivity.

  • Group Size

    We run this trip starting with 2 people and can cater to larger groups as well.  

  • Money to Carry

    Chilean and Argentinian Pesos are used in Patagonia depending which side of the border you are on. However, we recommended taking US dollars with in cash. Visa, Mastercard and Amex are widely accepted. Please be aware that you may be charged high fees every time you use an ATM or pay with a card so do check with your bank before travelling. 

  • Tipping

    All tipping is optional and by no means mandatory, however if you feel that your staff and drivers have performed at a satisfactory level, it is a great way to let them know you appreciate their efforts.