One of the most common acclaims made about Mongolia, and in particular its capital city Ulaanbaatar, is the seamless ability it has to weave the old with the new - high rise buildings next to traditional Gers.  And as you fly into Ulaanbaatar you understand the truth of this right from the very beginning, right when your plane lands - into a modern airport set in a field!!  It is one of the most picturesque airports and airport landings in the world.  From that point onwards the experience continues to build and build.  On this trip you really get to see and experience the incredible depth and breadth of beauty in this wild and rugged country.  The scenery is as diverse as it is breathtaking.  From horse riding in the Steppes of the North to camel riding in the Gobi Desert in the South, this trip showcases exactly why Mongolia is every adventurer's dream destination.  Mongolia, as a country has, by and large remained untouched by industrialization and so called ‘modernity’ therefore the scenery, the geography and the topography is about as stunning as it can get and over such a wide expanse as well.  This also means that the culture is quite unique and very strong.  Consider a culture where children learn, by necessity, to ride horses as soon as they can walk.  A 5 year old child riding up to 70km/hr bareback on a horse is not an unfamiliar sight on the steppes of Mongolia - although travelling at that speed is probably mostly when they are in training for the annual Nadaam Games! This trip really does give you a taste of all that Mongolia can offer, both in terms of its beauty and in terms of the quiet dignity of its people.


  • Explore centuries old Buddhist monasteries spread across the length and breadth of this vast country
  • Learn about the fearsome Mongol empire and their legendary conquests
  • Drive overland across myriad landscapes such as the Taiga Forest in the North, Steppes in the Central Mongolia and the vast swathes of the Gobi Desert in the South
  • Observe some of the last remaining truly nomadic cultures on the planet